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Holy shit!

I held my breath during the entire battle!

Not amazing.

It's not the best animation, but I suppose we all start of somewhere now, don't we?
It's cute, I'll give you that and it's not actually that bad animated. Couldv'e been a few more details and stuff. blahblah blah. You know the drill.
Summary, pretty nice, but not the best. ;)


Don't you DARE leave this project! I'll torch you if you do!
I want more of this! It's freaking awesome!

Storyline = Perfection!
Graphics = Perfection!
Atmosphere = Perfection!

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Overall good

But it's waaay too short for my cup of tea.


I feel like all the knowledge in the world is floating into me. o_o

I am stunned!

I don't think I've ever seen a side-scroller shooter this well made!
The storyline totally blew my mind away... It didn't take long until I was caught in it.
All the unique characters is like a breath of fresh air. However, I do feel sorry for Ginny. I'd rather see her well as she became a favorite character right of the bat.

The graphics can be improved and there's a few typos, but that matters little considering how well made the rest of the game is. Kudos.

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God dammit...

This song brings me to tears...
I could listen to it all day...


That is so wonderful. You have a very comfortable voice.
It's like being embraced by a beautiful light while falling in a meditative trance.
This track belongs in my favorites. No question about that.

VGSongbird responds:

Well, I'm hope she fits in with your other favorites ^_^

Thank you for your support

Pretty nice.

Still, if it would have been me I'de add some hypersaw. And if you compose in FL, I'de suggest Silver Saw or Platinum Saw (Sytrus plugin).

Congrats to being featured! :D

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Good job!

That's some interesting perspective you got there and you even illustrated it well! Huge creds for that one! (y)
You really got that "sunday morning"-feel.
The only thing I feel that I can give as constructive critique would be the nipples that look a little unnaturally stiff. Just a little bit...
Other than that, the tricky angle (as already mentioned) is well done, just like the character's proportions and expression.

Most impressive! Good job there! Good job indeed!


That's just plain amazing! You've done the shading stunningly well!
You've earned a top score for this one!


Nice work there!

The only thing I reacted to is that the satyr's eyes are just a li~ittle bit to high in position.
It could also have been a little bit darker. Don't be afraid to add really dark shadows to your drawings. It'll give them depth.
Other than that I think you've done a great job with this one!
Keep it up!

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